Caroline House was recently a “pet project” of Sacred Heart University’s Community Connections Program. Over 30 university students descended on Caroline House to sweep, mop, scrub, garden and move furniture. For two days these student worked to get Caroline House ready for it’s first day of school on September 10th. Caroline House of Bridgeport helps women to learn English and life skills, provides a preschool and after-school program for neighborhood children.

Community Connections is a freshman orientation program led by senior students and involving faculty and staff and provides an introduction to various service opportunities in the surrounding community. These students spend six days at St. Charles Urban Retreat Center in Bridgeport, where they work together at various not-for-profits, thereby increasing their students understanding of urban issues and contributing to the Bridgeport community.

Sister Peg Regan, Executive Director says “We at Caroline House are grateful to have the energy and enthusiasm of these Sacred Heart students. As any educator knows, there is so much to do before the bell rings. We are grateful to Sacred Heart University and their students for helping us to be ready for our students.”

AuthorCyndie LaMastra