Every graduation is special.  At Caroline House we cherish the moments where we can congratulate our students and recognize them for their dedication and the sacrifices they make to come to Caroline House.  Each of these women take on the difficult challenge of learning the English language and the American culture.

Leticia Colon, Outreach/Public Relations Coordinator, from Optimus Health Care was the Caroline House "commencement" speaker.  Ms. Colon reminded our students, "Ladies, remember to take little steps.  The biggest step you took was coming to Caroline House to learn English.  You are blessed to have all these wonderful people around you and see you ladies succeed!"

Today over 40 women at Caroline House were "promoted" to the next learning level.  Caroline House is especially proud of our graduates that completed the last level, level four. 


   Introducing the Caroline House Spring Semester 2012 Graduating Class! 




AuthorCyndie LaMastra