All school children enjoy a field trip and a different type of learning experience. The Caroline House preschoolers are no exception. On April 24, 2014, a busload of children and their mothers visited the Bronx Zoo. This trip was due to the generosity of St. Luke’s Parish of Westport and its parishioners.

Jean Fredricks, Caroline House Preschool Director, said, “This is the seventh time we have been able to visit the Bronx Zoo through the generosity of St. Luke’s and many other benefactors. The Bronx Zoo trip is the highlight of our school year, and the children enjoy and learn so much from their visit. Most importantly, our mothers enjoy the excitement of a family outing. This is a trip that most of our women could not afford on their own; and for many women, it is their first time visiting a zoo.”

AuthorCyndie LaMastra